Booking Window / Cancellation Policy
The online booking window closes 5 minutes prior to the class time, if you are coming live you are welcome to drop in up to the time of class. Cancellation policy is before 9pm the previous day: If you are on a credit package cancellation will result in loss of credit. In Studio Only Members will be charged $15 for a late cancel or no show.
Arrival Time
Please do your best to arrive on time (or a little early!) for class! Class cut off window is 5 minutes after the start of class and it is possible you will be locked out! Download the FORMAT App for easy check in – you can check yourself in once you’re within distance of the studio.
What should I wear?
Wear clothes that you feel comfortable sweating in. Socks are REQUIRED for all Barre classes. Sneakers are REQUIRED for both HIIT and Strength classes and strongly recommended for HIITBarre.
Public Transportation and Parking

The studio (420 Commercial Street) is easily accessible from Aquarium, Haymarket, and North Station T stops. Street parking is available. We offer validated parking at Target Park (Battery Wharf garage) 393 Commercial Street. The validated rate is $16 for 3 hours.

Age requirements
You must be 13 years of age to participate in FORMAT classes
Cell phone policy – Please respect your time and if possible leave your phone outside the studio. If you must have your phone in studio please step outside if you need to use it.
Can I take class if I have an injury?

Yes! Hop into class a few minutes early and use the Zoom chat function to let your instructor know what limitations you’re working with. That way we can help you modify throughout the class. Also, feel free to email us beforehand to get necessary modifications!

Can i take class when i’m pregnant?

Absolutely! Let your instructor know privately before class or via email and we will help you modify the class. Above all, listen to your body!

Do I have to have my camera on?
We would LOVE for you to have your camera on, it helps us give you verbal modifications that keep you safe and make you stronger more quickly. It also adds to the group dynamic for both you and us! Of course if you don’t feel comfortable having your camera on for any reason feel free to keep it off.
How to sign up for a livestream class
If you have a Livestream+On Demand or FORMAT Unlimited Membership you can sign up for classes through your FORMAT account or on the FORMAT App. Just be sure you are clicking the LIVESTREAM class on the schedule. At this time you cannot purchase a Livestream Day Pass on the App. You can purchase and schedule that via our website
How to reserve class for a guest?
Click on the class you would like to reserve for the guest. Change “Reserving For” to “Guest,” choose the payment option from the dropdown menu, members with guest allowances will simply select their membership option. If there is no payment option available add one by selecting “Buy New Membership or Credit.” We strongly suggest that before reserving your guest you have them create an account so they are able to sign the waiver and we can convert them in our system. You can also reserve a guest on your class package!
What’s your cell phone policy?

Please try to distance yourself from your phone for the hour you are in class. It truly increases the mental benefits.

Do You Have a Student Discount?

Yes! Email us info@formatlive.com for more information.