Live Studio coming January 2022


Lululemon Classes
Classes will be held at 208 Newbury Street on the second floor of the Lululemon store. All equipment will be provided. 
What are the guidelines for Outdoor Classes?
Outdoor classes follow protocols in line with our state guidelines

  • Class size is limited and all participants must be preregistered
  • All participants will be given a designated spot with 6 feet of space
  • Participants must wear masks at all times including during the workout
  • Please bring your own mat and any props you would like including weights
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided
  • If you are feeling under the weather or are experiencing a new cough or fever please do not come to class. We will cancel you without penalty.
  • Classes are held at Christopher Columbus Park in the North End look for the FORMAT sign.
  • All classes are 45 minutes long
What to expect from a FORMAT Barre class?

FORMAT barre is form and alignment focused, but with an emphasis on fast and dynamic transitions. Expect to get your heart rate up!

Can I take class if I have an injury?

Yes! Hop into class a few minutes early and use the Zoom chat function to let your instructor know what limitations you’re working with. That way we can help you modify throughout the class. Also, feel free to email us beforehand to get necessary modifications!

Can I take class when I’m pregnant?

Absolutely! Let your instructor know privately via the chat function and we will help you modify the class, and above all, listen to your body!

Do I have to have my camera on?

Short answer, no. If you aren’t comfortable having your camera on we completely understand. However, having your camera on allows us to correct form and alignment, shout you out when you’re crushing class, and adds to the group dynamic.

What’s your cell phone policy?

Please try to distance yourself from your phone for the hour you are in class. It truly increases the mental benefits.

How do I login?

You’ll need a Zoom account to take class. When you register for class you will receive an email confirming your class sign-up. Twenty minutes prior to the start of class you will receive a separate email with the Zoom link.

If you do not get a link 20 minutes prior to class, login into your account to confirm you in fact reserved a spot. If you have reserved a spot, you’ll be able to view the URL link under reservation details. Copy and paste the link into your browser and you’ll be able to login this way.

Why is my video not playing?

Format virtual workouts require a broadband connection for optimized viewing and we recommend a WiFi connection.

What time do sign-ups close?

5 Minutes before the start of class

What is your Cancellation Policy?

You must cancel your class before 9pm the previous evening or you will lose the class. Hold yourself accountable!

How Do I Reserve For A Guest?

Click on the class you would like to reserve for the guest. Change “Reserving For” to “Guest,” choose the payment option from the dropdown menu, members with guest allowances will simply select their membership option. If there is no payment option available add one by selecting “Buy New Membership or Credit.” We strongly suggest that before reserving your guest you have them create an account so they are able to sign the waiver and we can convert them in our system.

How Do "Recording Available" Classes Work?

A select number of classes each week are recorded. These classes are labeled on the schedule as “Recording Available.” If you cannot make the Live class and would like to receive a recording please sign up ahead of time using the 10$ “Recorded Single Class Credit.” You will be emailed a Zoom Link to the recording within 2 hours of the end of class. The link will expire in 2 days.

Premium members can receive unlimited Recording Available Classes. Please sign up for class and email prior to the start of class to let us know you would like the recording.

30 Credit Monthly Members may use up to 4 of their monthly credits on Recording Available Classes. Please sign up for class and email prior to the start of class letting us know that you would like the recording.