Why you should add barre to your workout routine 

July 5, 2021


Let’s talk about the importance of adding Barre to your workout routine:

Barre is low impact and high intensity, that means maximum results with the least amount of wear and tear on your joints. If done correctly barre is a lifetime practice! 

It builds bone and muscle density. Not only does barre raise your resting metabolic rate by increasing your muscle mass, but also helps build bone density because it is weight bearing.

It better connects you to your body. When you incorporate a mindful movement class like Barre into your routine you will be more aware of how you move your body through space. 

It builds confidence! Barre is a practice where you will really notice that you are getting stronger. It’s an amazing feeling to notice your own progress.

Remember that to feel results from your Barre practice you should try to incorporate class 3 times a week! 








Ever feel like you can’t get your life together in time to sign up for a Recorded Class? Day getting away from you and you know you won’t be able to make that 5:30? FORMAT Encore is for you. We’ll be “encoring” one of our morning barre, HIIT, or Strength recordings every afternoon! Just sign up for the FORMAT Encore class (every weekday at 4pm) and we’ll send that recording our to you!

We know you are busy, but now there’s no excuse not to get your FORMAT classes in. Recorded classes are a great way to sweat with your favorite instructor even if you can’t make it live.

Just use a Recorded Class Credit or grab a Recorded 5 Pack on our website and use those credits to sign up fo


















































































































































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